Course is an independent project designed by the student, with the approval of a supervising faculty member, to study an area that is not at present available in the curriculum. Prior to registration, the student must submit a written proposal that outlines the project.
Course provides advanced students with an internship opportunity to gain work experience in an area of concentration or interest while receiving academic credit toward their degrees. Requires the permission of the instructor.
This course provides hands-on experience in the operation of college radio station WCRX. Students become proficient with new digital tools and various digital platforms to understand and effectively use social media in a live broadcast environment. Students work on the air as a music or talk host, news or sports anchor, or call play-by-play sports. They may also work in production or as a social media producer to develop content and maintain social media on-line communities for WCRX. Course requires a minimum of six hours per week of practial activity and two class hours per week.
Radio: Talent and Production is a three-week, half-day intensive course that combines both the traditional applications of radio with emerging technologies for Internet broadcast. Students will gain hands-on experience with the effective performance tools for on-air talent; the basics of digital audio production, using Garage Band, Adobe Audition & Pro Tools software. The final week of camp, students apply what they've learned by collaborating as a broadcast production team, creating multimedia content for the Internet and our on-line radio station.
Students will practice, record, self-direct and produce voiceover content in the area of commercials, animation, audio book narration and interactive games as an introduction to the world of voiceover. Students will also learn about the entrepreneurial nature of voiceover.
HSSI students will experience a condensed immersion into the Art of Club/Mobile DJing and creating contemporary beats using a combination of hands-on instruction and basic software operation in a collaborative setting to produce content for live DJ performance. Evaluation will be based on hands-on live DJ execution and a prerecorded final beat project.
This dynamic course introduces students to the art of audio theatre. Featured are improvisation, listening to successful radio theatre, brainstorming ideas, reading and writing scripts, editing with Adobe Audition software, choosing pre-recorded sound effects, recording remote sound effects and learning Foley sound creation. The results: rehearsing and performing a live class-written and class-produced audio drama, suitable for podcasting and submission to the WCRX program "Radio Graffiti."