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    Welcome to the Intermediate Music Theory Assessment!
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    This link is the continuation of the assessment process in music theory. If you have not yet taken the Beginning Music Theory Assessment, STOP. Email Becky Harlow at for instructions and your personal access code for the Beginning Assessment.

    As with the Beginning Assessment, the Intermediate Assessment will take you through a series of questions and exercises on the computer. Answer as best you can. The idea is for us to determine the best starting point in our curriculum (and starting at the beginning is always an option for everyone). Do the best you can. If a topic is unfamiliar to you, it will simply become a part of your studies once you begin in our program.

    You will have two attempts for this assessment. It contains 50 questions, and there is a limit of 35 minutes.

    At the conclusion of the assessment, the computer will let you — and us — know how you have done.  If you score at least a 39, Oasis will allow you to register for 32-2121, Theory II (please allow 8 hours for processing). If you know you have studied some of the topics, but need to refresh your memory of them, take some time and study up and the assessment will allow you to try a second time.
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      You must login to this system (Moodle) to take the Assessment.  When you click the link to "Beginning Music Theory Assessment", if you are not logged in, the system will guide you to login and enroll before you can begin.


      If you are a current student, you already have access to Moodle with your OASIS ID and password.


      If you are in admit status and have changed your password in OASIS, use your OASIS ID and password to log into this system.


      If you are in admit status and have never logged in to OASIS, you will login to this system with your OASIS ID, your password has been set to your Birthday in the following format:  MMDDYY (ie. 010199)


      If you are having problems logging in, please contact Client Services at 312.369.7001, if on campus, just dial 7001.


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        After, logging in, you can click this link to self enroll in this course: Enroll me in this course 

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